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Patrick Makokoro Ph.D

Social Entrepreneur / Educational Consultant / Community Development Practitioner.

I am passionate about causes that relieve human suffering. I work with individuals, organizations and communities to use strength based approaches to co-create and develop solutions to challenges they face.

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A little bit about me...

Social Entrepreneurship

Over the years I have been privileged to start and lead organizations that directly co-create solutions to daily life challenges. The aim of my work is to promote self determination and creation of innovations that are sustainable, scalable, and replicable in-context.

Early Childhood Development

I believe that early childhood development provides a foundation for lifelong learning. Through research and practice I have developed and implemented early childhood development programs. My work is grounded in academia and practice while honouring principles of respect to culture, context, community and promoting co-operation.

Trust Based Philanthropy & Participatory Grant making

I enjoy working on trust based philanthropy models that put power in the hands of grant recipients and participatory processes that allow grantee partners to have a greater say in how resources are stewarded. Breaking down power structures and systemic barriers to funding are critical aspects to this work.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice

My lived experience as a Black man informs my work in social justice initiatives that revolve around UBUNTU (I am because we are), UMOJA (Unity) and Harambee (moving together).

Early Childhood Development Networks

Since 2012, I have actively worked to establish and promote early childhood networking as platforms for sharing knowledge, practice, and advocacy strategies for the wellbeing of children and their communities.

Appreciative Inquiry

I am an ardent appreciative inquiry practitioner, using strength based approaches rather than deficit modalities when co-creating strategies with individuals, organizations and communities.

In the Media

Empowering Change Through Community Building and Social Entrepreneurship

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Voices Less Heard is a podcast where Dr. PMak interviews everyday people who are doing extraordinary things. From artists to activists, each episode highlights the inspiring stories of those who are making a difference in communities. Tune in to hear the voices that are often overlooked in mainstream.

HuUbuntu Insights

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“When spiderwebs unite they can tie down a lion.”

Ethiopian Proverb

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