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Listening, Learning, and Co-creating.

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Nhaka Yenyu - Your Inheritance

Nhaka Yenyu
Your Inheritance

Embark on a remarkable journey through the life of Patrick Makokoro - a journey marked by hard work, resilience, and the pursuit of education against all odds. Through the pages of Nhaka Yenyu, join Makokoro as he navigates the trials and triumphs of his life with unwavering determination, resilience, humour, and unshakeable faith. His journey is a reminder that no obstacle is insurmountable when fuelled by the audacity to dream.

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Media Articles

Local group’s Zimbabwe mission sees year of success

An organization dedicated to ending hunger in Zimbabwe recently hosted its annual dinner at the Lycoming Valley Baptist Church. Christie Heimbach, co-founder of 2 Seconds or Less (2SOL), said the banquet raised over $10,000 and brought in about 130 people. Heimbach, a graduate of Hughesville Junior-Senior High School, said she was pleased with the turnout. “This is our ‘go to’ church. This is our family and this church is pretty much the reason (2SOL) exists,” Heimbach said, adding that 2SOL was able to sign up “five new reoccurring donors.”

Goromonzi Project Educates Zimbabwe Orphans

Landmark Education News has received an update on a self-expression and leadership project created in 2005 called the Goromonzi project. Created by Janet Shaw, the project began out of her visit to the Goromonzi rural district of Zimbabwe in September of that year (Shaw grew up in Zimbabwe) when she met 17 destitute AIDS orphans there. She found sponsors to pay the school tuitions for the 17 children, and the project took off from there.

Zimbabwe Mandates Preschool, but Untrained Teachers and Unlicensed Schools Abound

HARARE, ZIMBABWE – In the living room of a home in the Southlea Park suburb of Zimbabwe’s capital, dozens of tiny hands play with toys and color in coloring books. On the little wooden chairs sprinkled among the other furniture, children ages 4 to 6 sit immersed in their activities in this residential preschool.

Early Childhood Development: A case for increased investment

As a staunch advocate of increased investment and expenditure in early childhood development, I noted with dismay the reduced investment on the same as well as debate on the way forward following the pronouncements. The first years of life are important, because what happens in early childhood can matter for a lifetime. It is now common cause that learning starts in infancy, long before formal education begins, and continues throughout life.

Every child deserves an education – Patrick Makokoro, Founder Nhaka Foundation

Though Patrick Makokoro came from very humble beginnings, he was inspired to make the lives of children in Zimbabwe better by championing the needs of these children, ensuring that they go to school, ensuring that they have food and also that they have access to health services.

In 2007, Patrick Makokoro founded Nhaka Foundation to carry our this dream.

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